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Advantages and Disadvantages of Marble and Granite Floors

Homeowners often choose between marble and granite for flooring, if wood is already out of the question. These two are commonly found in rich folks’ homes. Marble and granite ooze luxury, which makes them appealing to many. But they can offer more than that. They have a lot of advantages as well that may make them the right fit for your house.

Marble and granite are aesthetically pleasing
Marble or granite floors on your receiving area, kitchen, or on other parts of your house will level up your house. Guests will always stand in awe of these types of floors. Wherever you are in your house, whether you have a nasty face mask on and you’re in your robes, you will definitely feel the extravagance of having marble or granite floors.

The flat polished surface means no hard time cleaning
Both marble and granite need to be cared for regularly, that’s a given. But that doesn’t mean that cleaning everyday spills and junk is a chore. You just need to get a broom and sweep the dirt, or a wet mop and clean the stain away.

Durable enough to last a lifetime
You can look and marvel at these beauties as long as you want as they are also pretty durable to last you a lifetime. Get the premium grade of either of these materials so you’ll get the durability that you expect. You won’t need to worry about stomping around your house as these can normally withstand pressure. These are also water-resistant with the right application of sealer.

Marble and granite floors, on the other hand, have disadvantages that may make you choose other flooring material instead. There are more than two materials for your flooring. Carefully review every aspect of these types of flooring first before you let go of your hard-earned money.

You need professionals to do the installation
You can’t trust just anyone with the installation of marble and granite. Simple mistakes can cost a lot, and you won’t fully enjoy what these materials have to offer if they’re installed carelessly. You can, however, make sure that the contractor has a good reputation when it comes to granite or marble flooring installation.

Not for those operating within a tight budget
Marble is on the high-end when it comes to materials, so it’s not for everyone. While granite is more affordable, there are other materials that are cheaper yet also durable.

Both types of flooring are heavy
Both granite or marble flooring can be really heavy, and as such, the house they’re going into must be prepared. If the house’s structure is not fit for heavy materials on the upper floors, the expensive flooring may just buckle and litter your ground floor.

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