Dental implants Durban can be done if you have lost just a single tooth or the entire set

Dental implants Durban can be done if you have lost just a single tooth or the entire set. For a single tooth loss, a bridge may be considered as an option but this is not too appealing to many people as it would require the removal of a bit of the adjacent teeth to which the bridge can then be attached as a dental crown. Dental implants Durban seem the better option to go with as there will be no damage to other teeth. The entire thing takes a couple of months to complete, irrespective of you getting a single implant or several. The first stage entails the placement of the implant.

Dental implants Durban are done under the strictest of guidelines and only dentists who have the additional training are certified to do so. The reason it takes months to complete is because it takes this amount of time for the implant to become set into the jaw, firmly enough to take up the position that was previously occupied by the root. After this has been completed, the crown can be attached to the implant. For this stage of dental implants Durban, dentists are able to design and make the crown during the consult, enabling the patient to come in with just the implant and leave a short while later with the tooth attached as well.

A single tooth may need to be replaced with dental implants Durban due to trauma but if neglect is an issue then you are likely dealing with the entire set of teeth to be replaced with implants. Sometimes, due to decay, the teeth may be killed off at the nerve due to the infection of decay bacteria or will have to be extracted by the dentist. Either way, with no teeth, measures will have to be taken.

Dental implants Durban are sort of a second chance for people to regain a brand new set of teeth, and often times, a set much more aesthetically pleasing than the last. Getting the full set done however, is a pretty costly affair. It will be a couple thousand per tooth, so you can see why. Getting dental implants Durban is a way to combat a bit of this cost as they are cheaper here than elsewhere in the country due to the lower living costs of the city. With Durban, one does not have to compromise of world class treatments just because of the cheap pricing of dental implants here.

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