What Can Patients Expect From a Thread Facelift?

Facelifts help individuals to overcome the signs of aging so they can dramatically improve their appearance. Today, there are more options than ever before for patients who want to overcome the signs of aging. There are different types of facelifts available to help patients improve their appearance. With a thread facelift, the skin is made smooth so lines and wrinkles disappear. Knowing what to expect during the process is vital for being prepared.

What Is a Thread Facelift?

A thread facelift is a facelift procedure that is meant to be less invasive than a traditional facelift. Thread facelifts help to improve the way the face looks without deep incisions. During this procedure, the areas that will be treated are numbed so the patient does not feel any discomfort. The procedure can be carried out in one to two hours, depending on how much work needs to be carried out.

The surgeon will make small incisions in the targeted areas that will be treated. Thin threads that are colorless will be inserted into the small incisions. The threads are used to pull back the skin and place it in a new position so the lines and wrinkles are made smooth.

The patient is awake during the entire procedure and they can check the results before the surgeon finishes so they can approve what has been done. The best part of having a thread facelift is being able to see the almost immediate results.

When the surgeon has finished, they will knot the threads and then they become embedded in the skin so they can no longer be seen. The scarring that occurs with this procedure is usually minimal and is hidden within the skin.

Get Started With a Consultation Appointment

The first step in undergoing a thread facelift is for the patient to schedule a consultation to meet Dr Zacharia. At this appointment, the patient will discuss their expectations and the doctor will examine them to determine if they are a good candidate for a thread facelift.

Thread facelifts give similar results to traditional facelifts without the long recovery period. Call the office today if you would like to schedule your consultation appointment.

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